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Corporate Power Purchase Agreement through MPS-SOLUTIONS as

Independent energy strategist


Energy Strategy + PPA Partnerships = Risk Management

Mogens P Sorensen - owner of MPS-SOLUTIONS and independent advisor


Through sharp negotiations it should be possible to obtain attractive pricing

PPA is a tool for avoiding huge price swings and hedge against strong prices

Compliance with regulations and shows support for renewable energy ressources

Reduce your carbon footprint and support the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals


PPA’s are often long purchase contracts of electricity spanning 3-15 years or more from a sole or several renewable energy parks – solar or wind mainly.

As the possibilities for these arrangements are many, MPS-SOLUTIONS offers consulting in regards of dimensioning of the contract, risk management analysis as your 100% independent advisor. I work for energy communities where companies work together in making best use of the produced renewable energy.

 I follow in the delivery-period, updating you on latest developments in the markets while I look over your consumption, the production from the PPA and the matching of this in the billing.

Furthermore, I assist on marketing texts where I work on avoiding greenwashing – but also empathize that you should not do greenhushing as well. We just need to be clear and open in all communication as I believe the environment will be better off with that.

My mantra is that “We succeed together”



 As an independent energy consultant, my strength is my ability to provide customized and unbiased advice to your company as my client on energy price contracts, power purchase agreements (PPAs), energy strategies and green investments.


Customized solutions:I take my time to understand each client’s unique energy needs and goals and offers customized solutions tailored to your specific requirements


Expertise in energy price contracts and PPAs: I have a deep understanding of the energy markets and price movements and thus know how to negotiate the best rates and terms for you as a client


Energy strategies and green investments: I assist reduce your companys energy costs and potentially minimize your environmental impact by identifying opportunities for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects – being PPAs or other ways of contributing to a movement towards a greener future – with no greenwashing


Unbiased advice: As an independent consultant, I do not have any ties to specific energy suppliers, and I earn absolutely 0 besides my fee from my customers. Hence, I see myself providing unbiased advicing and recommend the best options for my clients for that specific time in question


Comprehensive service: I offer a full range of services, from contract management to market analysis, to ensure that YOUR COMPANY has the support you need to make informed decisions


I strive to make all my services as cost-effective as possible and do not have a fancy office or a Formula1-car in the driveway. I would love to provide a significant return on investment for my clients, but more important is it that I lift the information level, so you are able to make decisions from whatever the situation you are in and where the markets are.

Risk management is more important to me than hitting highs and lows in the markets – simply because I believe a thourough risk management will make you able to focus even more on your core business and be even better in your field.

Overall, I want to provide you as my clients with expert advice, customized solutions, and comprehensive support to help optimise your energy costs, minimise the environmental impact and achieve long-term savings and informed decision-making.